Norm Coleman Is a Hockeypuck.

From Andy Barr, Al Franken’s Campaign:

When we saw Norm Coleman’s ad bragging about how he “brought hockey back” to Minnesota, our first thought was, “Hey, we like hockey, but wasn’t that a long time ago?”

And our second thought was, “Wait a minute…they left out the part where Norm spent six years selling out to George W. Bush and the special interests!”

“A Few More Things”
Highlighting Norm Coleman’s terrible record on issues important to Minnesotans, the Al Franken for Senate campaign today released this web ad. Titled “A Few More Things,” the ad features a man in a bowling alley discussing Norm’s many failings as Senator, like voting for giant cuts in student aid, selling out to Big Oil, and rubber-stamping the Bush policy in Iraq. As he hears about more of Norm’s record, he realizes that although hockey will always be Minnesota’s favorite pastime, Norm Coleman hasn’t represented Minnesota well in Washington.