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Regarding energy and energy conservation (hey, I watched the Car Talk TV special last night, anybody see it? I mus say that The Car Talk Twins look nothing in life like the disembodied voice we assume they are. But I digress)… Do you remember Cash For Clunkers? An idea that has come and gone, and may be coming back, whereby the government (or somebody) buys up the bad old inefficient and polluting cars. Then crushes them:

The “Cash for Clunkers” plan is touted in today’s New York Times as an “eco-friendly stimulus” by Alan S. Blinder, professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, and partner in Promontory Financial Group.

Professor Blinder’s proposal has already sparked intense debate in blogs such as The Economist’s View and Naked Capitalism. As many comments on blogs are noting, the vehicles that would be scrapped in such a plan are not only the gas-guzzling “clunker” sedans and station wagons driven by the working poor in American cities. ….

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And, now on Next Generation Energy: Nuclear Power: It’s Baaaaack

Oh, and speaking of nuclear power, did you know there was a plutonium spill on June 9th in Colorodo’s NIST? Read the critique of the reaction here, at Angry Toxicologist.

Oh, and speaking of rare resources:

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