I shall be released.

Well, not me exactly. But a couple of important Linux items have been released. KDE 4.1 is out and is said to ‘rock’.

I find this particularly interesting:

One of the most controversial announcements during the KDE 4.1 development cycle was the reported removal of icons for the desktop. In actuality, desktop icons are not missing from the new version, they’re just handled differently. This version introduces a Folder View plasmoid, which is a container you can place on the desktop that can show the contents of any directory. Most distributions set one up in the default configuration to show the contents of the desktop folder, but you are no longer limited to having the contents of just the desktop folder displayed on your desktop — you can add several instances of Folder View, each showing a different directory.

In related news, there is a new website for KDE utilities:

The family of KDE websites has got a new member, the site for the fine utilities applications from the module kdeutils. Despite being one of the first modules, kdeutils has always been without its own website. No longer. At utils.kde.org you can now find a lot of information about the KDE Utilities. See for yourself the details of the current set of programs below.

Info here.

In Distro land, Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 1 is out, if you are sitting around with a hard drive with nothing on it and want to try something new. Here is the Mandriva wiki.