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This is Michael Shermer Wow, that was cool. Now since you are in the mood, check this out if you have not already seen it:

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

Two follow-ups on Sizzle. From Almost Diamonds, “Stereotypes in Comedy”… and from Uncommon Ground, “The crisis in science literacy” And then, this. If you are a US citizen living abroad you MUST click this picture:

Evolution and Domestication: Foxes

Its all about selection for flight distance. (Oh, for plants, that’s dispersal distance!)

Anonymityville Horror?

Food for thought from On the Media: Recently there’s been a bit of a backlash against the angry commenter, especially the anonymous angry commenter. Newspapers around the country have had to disband comment sections because of racist content, ad hominem attacks and vulgarity. The Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Eddie Perez, actually staged a protest outside…

Goats are still useful

So if you have a CD r/w machine in your computer, there is a LOT more than you had previously imagined going on inside there. Wow!

First Cloned Pets

South Korean Scientists (so, this may be entirely made up) claim to have cloned a pet dog for the first time. This was paid for by Bernann McKinney, of California, clearly a person with too much money on her hands, who paid $50,000 for five copies of his bet Booger.

Marilyn Monroe Found Dead ….

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis …. in her brentwood home, on this day in 1962. She was 36 years old. A concerned housekeeper called doctors to the scene, who were forced to break into her bedroom. This was in the days when you could call a doctor to the scene, and no special group of…