Technology Tidbits

A one-atom thick graphene balloon, made of carbon graphene is made of carbon), impermeable to gas, has been made and inflated. Graphene is a newly invented material that, it is said, will have important uses in nanotechnology and electronics. The next computer you buy may be based on graphine (if you don’t buy computers too often). Details here.

The International Boundaries Research Unit at Durham has released a new map and some other data regarding existing and disputed boundaries in the Arctic, which, now unfrozen and available for exploitation, will be exploited. Or fought over. Or both. Details here.

Lawyer, who happens to be a moron, caught lying about how bad Linux is. Details are a bit long and drawn out but it is a chuckle.

And to counteract that: “Linux Install 101, or How I Helped Build Refurbished Linux PCs for Disadvantaged Schoolchildren at LinuxWorld 2008”