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Examining Expelled

How many things are wrong with this?

This image does NOT need a caption

An Ossetian protester holds a poster parodying US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a rally outside Nato headquarters in Brussels.

The future of desktop computing

The Linutop is a tiny Linux computer that you stick onto the back of your flat screen monitor (and hook it to the monitor, obviously), plug in, and go. It makes no noise, produces very little heat, uses hardly any electricity (eight watts) and seems to be reasonably powered. It cost about 300 bucks. There…

Cosmos is on iTunes

Cosmos, the TV show by Carl Sagen, as in: Anyway, Cosmos is now available on iTunes. If you click this, it will open your iTunes store. So you may not want to click it. Up to you.


A Field Guide to Surreal Botany The world of surreal botany has long remained hidden – since the 18th Century, this field of study was often derided even by trailblazing naturalists such as Carolus Linnaeus and Joseph Banks. What are they doing in the Olympics with Honey? (Not eating it, or this would not be…

The Magpie in the Mirror

A typical adult human recognizes that the image one sees in a mirror is oneself. We do not know how much training a mirror-naive adult requires to do this, but we think very little. When a typical adult macaque (a species of monkey) looks in the mirror, it sees another monkey. Typical adult male macaques…

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