I know women that are older than suffrage. Mind boggling.


Today, Aug. 26, marks the 88th anniversary of the day that the U.S. Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote. The nonpartisan League of Women Voters, formed when women were first granted the right to vote, will mark this occasion with reflections on how far we have come as well as optimism that this year will bring even more Americans into the democratic process.

“What better day than the anniversary of the 19th amendment, Women’s Equality Day, to recognize the progress we have made on voting rights in the past 88 years,” said Mary G. Wilson, national League president.

“This election year has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of new voters, especially women, young people and minorities, registering to vote,” said League of Women Voters of Chautauqua County president Marcia Merrins. “There is a tremendous sense of excitement and energy driving this election.”


  1. #1 Ritchie Annand
    August 27, 2008

    It’s really piecemeal up here – it’s hard to know when to celebrate.

    Our anniversaries of suffrage up here are multiple: there was the groundbreaking January 28, 1916 act in Manitoba, acts in numerous provinces in the meantime and the federal one on May 24, 1918… but some provinces were still recalcitrant: Quebec was late to the table with a 1940 date.


    There were even some odd bits and pieces before that, like in Alberta with widows and spinsters having municipal voting rights in 1910.

    Must be nice to pin a proper date to such an important stage in the ethical evolution of society down there 🙂