Technology Tidbits

There is a person out there who is trying to reach me to discuss an important issue. She has called a few times, and left messages, and so far I have five phone numbers linked to this name. I’ve tried calling but so far I’ve only been able to leave messages. If you are reading this and you know that you are this person, please: SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR CHRISSAKES!!!!!

And that goes for the rest of you too. In fact, electronic communication is how we do it these days. I find myself using the term “email” in the context of snail mail … “OK, if I have to I’ll emial it to you in a letter…”

Anyway, the post office has always hated mail boxes because they have to be constantly checking them for mail and stuff. And now they are realizing that people have largely stopped using them anyway, so they are going to get rid of a bunch of them. As reported here, in one local area, about 15 percent of the current complement of mailboxes in Central Maryland will be removed shortly. In total, over the last decade, as populations have presumably increased, the total number of mail boxes in this a particular area has dropped by about a third or more. And this is a broader trend.

Obama, if elected, will be the first president who knows how to really use email and other computer resources. If McCain is elected, well, back to the Dark Ages for a few more years… Anyway, an interesting piece on the geekosity of the Obama campaign is here.

From Geekology:


  1. #1 Dan
    August 27, 2008

    Pretty funny. I saw something similar ages ago and thought it would be the same thing. It was not.

  2. #2 Alan Kellogg
    August 28, 2008

    Those who do not study their opposition are doomed to err about them. According to those who pay attention to such things, McCain and crew are using the Internet to greater effect than the Democrats are. As shown by the disparity in video production and downloads via YouTube. It takes McCain’s people hours to have an ad up on YouTube in response to an Obama gaffe. It takes Obama’s people days to do the same thing. Age does not mean one is stodgy and slot to adapt. Youth does not mean one is flexible. Sometimes the loser gets the girl.

  3. #3 Stephanie Z
    August 28, 2008

    Alan, the article was written by a politically independent techie and is filled with examples. Read it before spouting off. Or don’t, and enjoy your little pink bubble for a little longer.