… in regards to its exhibit on Darwin.

A creationist visiting the museum objected to phrases regarding evolution on the Darwin Exhibit (Hat Tip: Pharyngula). This led the museum to cover up the offending language.

Clearly, the government unit that runs this museum, and the museum itself, needs support. They need letters, emails, and phone calls supporting the exhibition of Evolution and information about
Darwin. At some point in the near future, you know there is going to be a meeting of a council or committee at which this problem will be discussed. The museum staff needs to have a range of opinions on this event, and YOUR opinion is what will be valued.

Here is the story.

Here is the municipal email and address.

Northampton Borough Council
The Guildhall
St Giles Square

Telephone: 01604 837837


Here is the museum’s contact information.

Abington Park Museum
Park Avenue South

Telephone: 01604 838 110
Fax: 01604 838720



  1. #1 eddie
    August 31, 2008

    D’you think this will help? (I emailed them)

    Dear all,

    I was very pleased to see in your event’s brochure that in November you will be presenting an exhibit on Northampton’s Jewish Heritage. I would very much like to come along ans see it.

    However, I am very concerned, in the light of your recent decision to censor information on evolution in your recent Darwin exhibit.

    This was reported not only in the chronicle;

    but around the world;

    I worry that you may bow to pressure from thew nearest passing holocaust denier or anti-semite to denigrate the jewish people of Northampton and their history.

    Please reassure the public that this will not be the case.

    yours – eddie

  2. #3 Shazia
    May 7, 2009

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