I don’t like Ike

Tropical Depression Ike has just recently been upgraded by Dan Abrams of MSNBC to Hurricane Ike, but I think that may be premature. Gustav is still a hurricane (barely) and Hanna is a Hurricane, so if Ike does make the grade very soon, that would mean that there are three simultaneous hurricanes all likely with US landfalls extant at the same time.

Most likely, Ike will be a hurricane by sometime past Wednesday AM.

There is a fourth system that is not yet named just forming off the West African coast, but that seems reasonably likely to gain hurricane status eventually. Have a look:


Meanwhile, Hanna is expected to come ashore as a Hurricane but probably not a really strong one, somewhere between South Florida and the Carolinas, maybe Friday, though possibly as soon as Thursday. Ike, if it becomes a hurricane, may enter the Gulf.


  1. #1 Onkel Bob
    September 1, 2008

    Tropical Storm Ike doesn’t look bad now, but these are the ones that can become the the monster storms. IIRC, Andrew formed over the Western/Mid Atlantic which is where it gained its power. A long track over warm waters and this could be bad. Hopefully a nice high pressure forms over Bermuda and pushes this towards the north.

  2. #2 Kate
    September 1, 2008

    The good thing about Ike is that he’s third in line. Hurricanes cool down the water somewhat, so following in the footsteps of Gustav and Hanna this far out may prevent it from developing too much.

    The problem I see is that Gustav and Hanna will be out of the way enough for it to move into the Gulf instead of being an Atlantic Coastal Hurricane… and the high pressure system spinning just west and south of the gulf can drive that sucker right up into the northern section of the gulf, with plenty of time to gather energy, despite the recent passage of Gustav. I haven’t checked the Gulf water temps yet, but I’m not happy.

    Hanna I’m not worried about. But I’m with you. I don’t like Ike.

  3. #3 Rev. BigDumbChimp, KoT
    September 2, 2008

    Hanna I’m not worried about. But I’m with you. I don’t like Ike.

    Want to come vacation in Charleston this weekend?

  4. #4 Onkel Bob
    September 3, 2008

    Have you noticed – Ike is a Category 4!! 948mB pressure? This is going to be a very bad storm wherever it goes.