Anarchists, clashing.
Macy’s, St. Paul Police, and Fox News suffered attacks by anarchists wearing clothing that did not match, facial scarves, and silly goggles. There were at least two different fronts to this attack, one along the designated protesters parade route, where the anarchists broke a large window at Macy’s, and another in a nearby neighborhood, where anarchists attempted to stop buses coming into the security area. In the latter case, horse mounted police used rubber bullets and pepper spray, and at least one anarchist was kicked in the head by a horse. Which is kinda funny if you think about the the history of Anarchy, Russian History, and the Poisson distribution and what that distribution represents.

The word on the street is that another action is about to start up in a few minutes (it is now 6:00 PM central).

Don’t tell the cops, but the anarchists can be found here.

At the same time, the Republican National Convention has semingly been canceled, and replaced with the Hurricane Gustav Telethon. Unfortunately, as telethons go, the Jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy Telethon is a lot more entertaining, so …. so far, no good.

This change in programming is apparently designed to distract everyone from learning that a) The Katrina disaster is still not over; 2) The Republican Administration has not helped at all in preparing the Gulf Coast for another disaster … other than deciding to act instead of ignore the next severe hurricane, which was already pretty much the plan all along until George Bush took over; and c) None of the republicans can read or give speeches. Really. They have been stumbling over their words, missing the cues, getting the part about how sentences have a starting part and an ending part with a pause in between wrong, and so on. This is just ridicule-us.

Getting back to the anarchists, have a look:


  1. #1 Shawn
    September 1, 2008

    Wow. The CNN report (the second video) did a surprisingly fair job on reporting the situation. Often when covering events like these they are 100% pro-cop.

    In the first video, (local news report) the woman you see talking to an apparent group of mad anarchists is a professional organizer who has worked with the AFL-CIO and environmental groups.

    So much for anarchists. Not saying they aren’t there, but despite the claims of the reporters, not everyone on camera was an anarchist.

    How do I know? Hey, what can I say, even anarchist sympathizers are interested in science.

  2. #2 SC
    September 1, 2008

    Highly organized to run wild, eh?

    Here’s the story of the police raids from Democracy Now!:


    How do I know? Hey, what can I say, even anarchist sympathizers are interested in science.

    Even anarchists ourselves. 🙂 Some (Kropotkin, Chomsky) are even scientists!

  3. #3 moneduloides
    September 1, 2008

    “The authorities see a danger in underestimating the potential for disrupation.”

    If they want to see potential, they will. I am not familiar with the RNCWC, and thus have no idea what the weapons the cops found were to be used for (or if, in fact, the weapon was even in the possession of the RNCWC), but I can say that anarchist protesters that organize themselves for events such as these usually come equipped solely with defensive implements (shields, padding, etc…), and that a single slingshot can become an atomic bomb in no time with the help of police and CNN.

    On a separate note, I wish more anarchists would place as much energy into protesting the Democrat National Convention as the RNC. It seems such a huge contradiction to not.

  4. #4 SC
    September 1, 2008
  5. #5 SC
    September 1, 2008

    …and two more:



    (Just in case anyone’s interested. Don’t mind me. Feel free to ignore.)

  6. #6 Don Thieme
    September 1, 2008

    There were plenty of protests, organized and otherwise, at the DNC in Denver. The police acted somewhat more responsibly, there were more leaders around to raise issues, and some of the delegates and politicians actually paid some attention. The anarchists like the RNC and G3 because they usually have more fun and do more physical stuff.

  7. #7 Alan Kellogg
    September 1, 2008

    Denver or St. Paul? What say we wait until the civil suits come down, eh?

  8. #8 Ian
    September 2, 2008

    “…and the Poisson distribution…”

    Thanks for all the fish!

  9. #9 b. j. edwards
    September 2, 2008

    It looks like the Anarchist “Welcoming Committee” got its revenge: