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X + Y = WHAT???

That depends … on what X and Y are! And if that does not come naturally to you, perhaps you should read The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pre-Algebra by Amy Szczepanski and Andrew Kositsky. The CIG to PA is built just like the other books in the Idiot’s series, using familiar conventions to keep the…

Barack Obama at Google

Hat Tip Doug

Would you prefer this: or this: Even if you do not live in MN 6th district, you must CLICK HERE and send money to Tinklenberg’s campaign.

Happy Birthday To Gnu

25 years ago, more or less, I was a graduate student and beginning a teaching career, but short of cash. I remember an opportunity arose for me to make some money programming. I thought, “OK, I can make some money in this computer biz, and use that to cover doing what I really want to…