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After careful reflection, perhaps you will assume you are a vampire!!! I imagine this is what it was like to discover Quantum Physics. Hat tip oldcola

Hat Tip: Sorting Out Science

Ladies: Please your man with science!

Hat tip: Oldcola

Hey, so I called a few people and arranged to have the I 35W Bridge opened up on Thursday morning, so it will be available for traffic south bound from Northern Minnesota, Canada, Alaska, etc. Details on the party are here. Details on the bridge are here.

Dust Devils in Gusev Crater, Mars

You’ve heard about ScienceDebate 2008, an effort to cajole the candidates for the US presidential election into addressing science issues. Not long ago, Obama agreed to address the questions that the ScienceDebate 2008 team put forward (with your help) and just now, McCain has finally gotten on board. The two sets of responses are provided…

For the last three or four decades, a delusional cult has spread within the United States, the leaders of which have every intention of taking over the country, in fact, the world. Sounds funny, but it really is not. If you don’t think this is true, you are naive, and if you have not seen…