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8 Linux Laptop – The HiVision miniNoteby Charbax For $98 [if you wait until October], you get an ultra-portable notebook with MIPS-based processor, 7″ LCD, 1GB flash storage, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, SDHC card reader, WiFi, audio in and out, voice-chat, multi-tabbed Firefox browser support, Abiword word processing, Skype and Linux user interface. Hat Tip:…

Rock the Vote, Annoy the Right Wing

see this and this.

There was a DNC bounce, then there was an RNC bounce. Really, the RNC bounce was a Sarah Palin bounce. And now the numbers are back to pre-convention levels and the horse race begins. Or was there another factor? But seriously…. New polls.

I truly hate that Contessa chick who pretends to be a news reporter on MSNBC. Let me recreate a recent annoying interview for you.

Technology Adoption and The Elite

I think it might be important that Barack Obama knows how to use email and John McCain does not.

Carvnival! IATB #84 A Beginner’s Guide to Bird Blogs Carnival of Evolution, #2 Carnival of Homeschooling Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers #9 Tangled Bank #114 Carnival of the Recipes Praxis Second Edition

The same man who said “God will protect us against gays” and who has done much more for repression of diversity generally in East Africa than the average person has gotten all hot under the collar (or somewhere) about women’s skirts that end above the knees. He wants them banned like cell phones. James Nsaba…