Archives for September 25, 2008

I can see Alaska from my Kitchen

This is fake, right? Hell bent, Charlie. Don’t you get it? Hell. Bent. Let’s analyze this a little more closely…..

Killing a process gently

We have discussed kill before. Start an application you don’t care about, say an instance of a text editor like gedit. Open a terminal and run top with the -b (for batch) option, and pipe it through grep with a phrase that should isolate the process (like “gedit”). Like this: greg~$ top -b | grep…

Details here, and please see this. At least post your concerns/ideas on line (using the link above).

Palin on the Financial Crisis

When she licked her finger, I threw up a little in my mouth. And then there’s this (not for the kiddies):

… according to a recent study funded by … oh, never mind. Funded by Microsoft. OK, skip that, but there is some other interesting tech news.

LHC down for the winter

This is the CERN press release regarding the status of the Large Hadron Collider. The bottom line: There was a release of helium leak inot sector 3-4 (which I’m pretty sure is next to sector 7g). They thik they know what caused the leak but they are not sure. In order to investigate, they have…

Astrobiology Rap Video

The fact that this is an astrobiology rap is a good thing. Like the recently memed-out Large Hadron Collider Rap, the Astrobiology Rap places important and difficult to understand science on the pop cultural smorgasbord, and that is good. But this isn’t the Large Hadron Rap. It is simply, IMHO, not as good. Which reminds…