From Kathleen Parker of the National Review:

If at one time women were considered heretical for swimming upstream against feminist orthodoxy, they now face condemnation for swimming downstream — away from Sarah Palin.

Oh what fun. Parker, a very conservative columnist writing for a very conservative outlet, is calling for Palin to step aside. To reduce the bleeding.

No, I say, Sarah, don’t you dare step aside, girl! We (Democrats) love you! You are a pox on your party! What could be better!

At least stick around long enough to be eviscerated by Joe Biden.

By the way, you can’t see Russia from your living room, you freakin’ lying ignoramus.

[Apologies to Keith Olbermann]


  1. #1 alexandra
    September 26, 2008

    you can’t see Russia from your living room

    Meant to say Alaska?

  2. #2 Alexandra
    September 27, 2008

    Oh you evil bastard.

    (Made me spit coffee on the keyboard.)

  3. #3 Ana
    September 27, 2008

    Especially after her latest interview performance with Katie Couric, where she seemed most conscious of her own ineptitude, I’m finding it hard to believe that Palin would even dare to step on that stage with freaking Joe Biden on Thursday. How could that possibly happen????? No…the baby will be sick. Mark my words. Whooping cough, or, better yet, some kind of special-needs emergency. Ohhhh, it will be ugly.

  4. #4 Stephanie Z
    September 27, 2008

    Biden was on CNN after the debate to give the long rah-rah for the Democrats. I was in and out of the room for it, because those are my least favorite parts of debate coverage. I’m glad I caught the end, though. Blitzer explained to the camera that the Republicans had chosen to have Nicolle Wallace (anyone else think Criminal Intent every time they hear her name?) deliver their boosterism, but that CNN had asked Palin and would be happy to hear from her.

    Cooper didn’t miss a beat. “Don’t hold your breath on that one.” Then on with the analysis.

    Later, when the analysts had moved on to talking about the VP debate, someone tried to suggest that the Couric interview with Palin had lowered expectations for her. There was visible skepticism around the table that expectations would be low enough to help.

  5. #5 greg laden
    September 27, 2008

    Stephanie: I actually stayed up LATE to see Biden’s comments on MSNBC, and I loved it. He noted that he would not have to do what McCain did. “Sure, I’ve been to all those places, to those mountains in Afghanastan. But just because I’ve been there doesn’t make me right.”

    Matthews.Olberman (can’t remember) replied “Well, that is a refreshing bit of honesty” or words to that effect.

    Biden also said that he is not going to debate Palin, he’s going to talk to the American People. Interesting.

    Ana: Brilliant. I was wondering how she was going to get out of that. And, the additional effect, which is what I think the secret plan has been all along, is to prove to the world that you really shouldn’t have a woman in an important position that is not in the home. They know they can’t win the election, so the whole Palin thing is the consolation prize.

  6. #6 Stephanie Z
    September 27, 2008

    Greg, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d probably enjoy it more now, after spending some time with my own impressions of the debate. It’s one of those Steph-is-very-contrary-and-does-not-like-to-be-told-what-she-saw things.

  7. #7 greg laden
    September 27, 2008

    Stephanie: Are you referring to Biden? I do agree with you that the post deb ate yammering is generally annoying. This is where Biden is often different, quite sincerely above the fray, IMHO. We also saw two different interviews, the big difference being the interviewer. MSNBC loves Biden . CNN is republican all the way as far as I can tell (not that I ever watch/read it)

  8. #8 Stephanie Z
    September 27, 2008

    In my wandering about, it appeared that Biden mostly made a statement on CNN, rather than doing an interview, with a couple of prompting comments from Blitzer. If CNN is Republican all the way, McCain has lost. Cooper and Campbell Brown made some entertaining Palin comments, and the consensus among everyone (except, perhaps, Blitzer) was that McCain did okay, which wasn’t nearly good enough. Also, that the points that McCain seemed to score on Obama’s positions were over such tiny semantic quibblings as to be irrelevant.

    I’ll have to see whether I can find the Biden statements, once I’m back from more wandering about.

  9. #9 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    September 27, 2008

    By the way, you can’t see Russia from your living room, you freakin’ lying ignoramus.

    No, but maybe she can see it when she is up in a plane “hunting” wolves.

    My uncle raises beef in Northern Minnesota and he has a special permit to hunt wolves because they have eaten some of his cattle. I have problems with it, but I can see how it is justifiable from an economic standpoint. Correct me if I am wrong, but the purpose behind Alaska’s “bounty” program has nothing to do with cattle ranching, but more to do with eliminating the competition for moose, caribou and elk.

    The debates have really become meaningless to me, and if anyone asks me who I think “won” I will say “Obama” because of my own confirmation bias. The debates force Obama to be timid and he should have driven a stake into McCain on several issues, but he was deferential because he didn’t want to “scare” people.

    His statements on Afghanistan needing some more troops play against fears that he will “abandon the war on terror” if he is elected, and he is right that Afghanistan is a stronger breeding ground for terrorists (funded by a heroin trade) than Iraq ever was. He never challenged McCain on the “DNA Bears in Montana” bullshit. He never challenged McCain to tell us what “Victory in Iraq” is supposed to be and how we are supposed to measure success. Will we be victorious when Iraq looks like suburban U.S? That isn’t ever going to happen. Will we be victorious when terrorism disappears? If McCain is counting on that, we will be in Iraq far more than a century.

    All that Biden needs to do to escape from the Veep debate is to keep his foot out of his mouth. Any serious gaffe and Palin will gain credibility.