Hurricane Kyle Details

As a supplement to my essay on Maine here is the actual important information on Kyle.

Kyle is only barely being thought of as a hurricane at this moment. The forcasters are using terms like “Ugly” (which means not well formed as a hurricane) and “Convectivly Challenged” in their discussion.

Kyle will come ashore in Maine, somewhere around Eastport, over night (near morning) but it is very unlikely to be a hurricane by that time, having passed over cooler waters and generally being a train wreck of a cyclone.

The fact that this was a tropical storm heading straight north, then turned into a hurricane, and that it is making this far north at all is very interesting. And (as detailed in my other post on Kyle) those in its path need to take it seriously. But this is not Ike, or even Bob. It’s just Kyle.


  1. #1 Left_Wing_Fox
    September 28, 2008

    Actually, Weather Underground seems to have it tracking towards southern Nova Scotia….
    And looks like it’ll be sideswiping me up in Miramichi, NB as a Tropical Storm on Monday.


  2. #2 chuck
    September 28, 2008

    Well, southern Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and eastern coastal Maine are all in one location, so there is not much of a contradiction here. Considering that TWU does not have its own drosondes and radar systems, or super computers, I suspect they use the Hurricane Prediction Center for this sort of thing.

  3. #3 Left_Wing_Fox
    September 28, 2008

    Looks like it’s shifted further east of here; probably won’t see much of it in miramichi, but PEI might get walloped with the Tropical storm.