August Berkshire Interview

We need a society in which laws are based purely on secular reasoning. So, for example, let’s take the marriage laws. There’s no reason to prohibit same-gender, same-sex marriages. The government is supposed to treat all citizens equally, so there’s no secular reason to be against same-sex marriages. But there are religious reasons, and they try to infuse those into the debate. That’s the kind of thing we worry about. Stem cell research. Sex education. These people who want abstinence-only sex ed when we can demonstrate that comprehensive sex ed has better results. Those are the kinds of things that we as a society are struggling to get rid of–the last vestiges of religious control by the government.

So says August Berkshire, the director of Minnesota Atheists and producer of Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio. August was interviewed by Steve Marsh for Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine, and you can read the interview here.

Hat Tip: Ana