Gnome system wide shortcut keys

A few more shortcut keys for you to learn and live by:

Alt + F1 Opens the Applicantions Menu .

Alt + F2 Displays the Run Application dialog.

Print Screen Takes a screenshot, opens dialog to save the screenshot as a PNG file.

Alt + Print Screen Takes a screenshot of the window that has focus.

Ctrl + Alt + arrow Switches to the workspace to the left, right, above or below the current workspace.

Ctrl + Alt + d Minimizes all windows, and gives focus to the desktop. (Equivilant to the ‘shot desktop’ button)

F1 This is the Diddly Squat button. It starts the online help browser, and displays appropriate online Help. In Linux, this generally means diddly-squat. But at least it won’t tell you “Would you like to know how to tell if software has been pirated” or “The loss of your data is expected behavior” and so on.


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    September 30, 2008

    Thanks – much appreciated.