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Yet Another Great Parody of Palin

These parodies are getting better and better . This one is hysterical:

Hurricane Kyle Details

As a supplement to my essay on Maine here is the actual important information on Kyle. Kyle is only barely being thought of as a hurricane at this moment. The forcasters are using terms like “Ugly” (which means not well formed as a hurricane) and “Convectivly Challenged” in their discussion. Kyle will come ashore in…

Hurricane Kyle Is Going Down East

To go “down east” is to go “to Maine” … or if you are already in Maine, to go to the “real” Maine. As you drive down east on Route One, you can see the transition as clear as the gull shit on Schooner Head. This is to say, it is subtle and misleading. Geology,…


The Debate in Historical Perspective

Many people are frustrated with the level of debate these days, and it is not uncommon to wax nostalgic for the good old days, the days when debates were entirely live, in person, and went on and on until they were done, unconstrained by a television schedule. Bioephemera takes us down memory lane. The first…

Just in case you have not seen this

Hey, she didn’t get where she is by eating moose burgers and popping out kids:

Happy Birthday Chris Rowan

… of the blog Highly Allochon … Highly Allochthon … no, wait, .. Got it Highly Allochthonous.

It is all in the eyes.

Not only is our universe expanding, but with the LHC online we may even find the elusive Higgs Boson soon. Tune in this Sunday for a discussion about the very small and very large in our universe with two prominent physicists: Keith Olive, Physicist at the U of M’s Theoretical Physics Institute, and Jim Peebles,…

Blog Carnivals

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