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Plastic People (Zappa)

Whenever I think of Michell Bachmann OR Sarah Palin (like there’s a difference) … after I’m done throwing up a little in my mouth, I think of this song by Frank Zappa… That is not really the recommended version, but it will do. The pure lyrics:

The Carnival of Evolution #3

Welcome to the Third Edition of the Carnival of Evolution. The previous edition of this web log ‘carnival of the vanities’ was at Jason Rosenhouse’s Evolution Blog. The next edition will be written by Mike (TUIBG) and hosted here, at Clashing Cultures. Please submit your web posts on Evolution for the next carnival, which is…

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann blames the current mortgage crisis on African Americans. This is why she has won the most recent “Worst Person in the World Award” … see video below. This is also why the Entire World has to get together and work to have this woman THROWN OUT OF OFFICE in the upcoming…

Remember this? Michelle Bachmann is up for re-election. Or not. Visit her opponent’s web site! Tinklenberg is Great!

About The Sarah Palin Poll

You can still ‘vote’ on the Sarah Palin ‘poll.’ This is from the NOW Executive Producer: So, is the Palin poll now “scientific”? Absolutely not. It is still subject to large scale efforts on the left and the right to mobilize people to vote. The poll has become something of a Rorschach test, a tiny…

The Darker Side of the RNC

If you have facebook, an excellent series of photographs of the Republican National Convention has been posted there by regular blog reader and CPF Analiese Miller. HERE This is a must see.