Wow. Republican Erik Paulson, running for Minnesota’s third district in congress, has just launched an incredibly smarmy attack campaign against nice guy Democrat Ashwin Madia. Here is Madia’s response:


  1. #1 chris
    October 2, 2008

    Good. We’ve been seeing a lot of those and I’m sick of them. I hope Madia continues to fight back. We’re in the 6th but I haven’t seen anything from either Bachmann or Tinklenberg yet, just one mailer from each. I don’t even know who’s ahead.

  2. #2 rainman
    October 3, 2008

    Madia’s response, like his entire campaign is directed to the issues…pointed, clear, and truthful. Paulsen chooses to try using sound bites that aren’t true and instead of engaging the voters in person, sends out his “talking heads” Ron Carey and Geoff Michel to slander Madia and make disparaging remarks like “carpetbagger”, “not one of us”, doesn’t “fit the district’s demographics” and the like. Shameless, embarrassing, and they only shove more voters over to Madia’s side. We want honorable and effective representation in Washington and Madia is the candidate that will give us that! He won’t stoop to Eric Paulsen’s tactics and I am glad for that.