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Not surprizingly, PZ Myers has passed both Obama and McCain in the polls. Details here. GO PZ (but keep an eye out for Dave Bacon) We are asking for submission to the Remove Michele Bachmann web carnival, which will be hosted at Tangled Up in Blue Guy next Monday. Please submit your suggestions here. (If…

Michele Bachmann: Dumb as a brick

By The Numbers: Republicans Lie

94 Number of times, according to Repbulicans Sarah Palin and John McCain, that Democrat Barack Obama voted to raise taxes. 23 Of these, the number of votes that were actually against tax cuts. 7 Of these, the number that were likely to lower taxes for most, except some large corporations or ery affluent individuals. 11…

El Tinklenberg for Congress

Here’s El’s latest ad. What a guy! Tinklenberg is in a position to really help us out by defeating Michelle Bachman in the upcoming congressional election.