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Googledocs … shortcuts

Googledocs Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl-J: Full justify Ctrl-Shift-L: Bulleted list Ctrl-L: Left alignment Ctrl-E: Center alignment Ctrl-M: Insert comment Ctrl-Space: Remove formatting Ctrl-1, 2, or 3: Header style 1, 2, or 3 F2: Edit active cell (spreadsheets) Ctrl-Spacebar: Select entire column (spreadsheets) Shift-Spacebar: Select entire row (spreadsheets) Totally stolen from here.

McCain & The Blackberry

And from the archives:

Al Franken Wins Debate!

Candidate Al Franken, incumbant Senator Norm Coleman, and that other guy had their first (and only?) debate today, and from what I hear, Franken mopped the floor with Coleman (and that other guy). I don’t have any video of the debate, so here’s an Al Franken ad instead:

I want to thank Brian at Laelaps for digging this up. Normally, I would just link to him and send you to his excellent site, but this is so freakin’ good that I cannot pass this up. But go read Brian’s comments on this anyway, please. As Brian points out, Palin explicitly says that she…

“If it does not fit, you must acquit” Circumstances can create consequences. If Homer Simpson happens to be opening and closing his mouth in a chewing motion and happens to run into a lemon meringue pie, and thusly happens to eat said pie, it is not Homer Simpson’s fault that the pie is eaten. If…

Happy Blogoversary to Chris Rowan!

Of highly autochon … allotou … no, allochtonoo…allochthunu… no, that’s not right either… …. highly allochthonous!!!!. Give him a visit and say hey!


Here, in part, is Sarah Palin on SNL: Palin banning books: Ever notice how Sarah Palin an Dick Cheney have a LOT of similarities? Gun love, power hungry, and that crooked mouth thing?

The Candidates as Trains

Source (where you will also find a Bush train).

Obama’s New Ad

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