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Norm Coleman’s Dodge

Harry Truman drove around the country in his Dodge to root out war profiteering. Norm Coleman compared his oversight record to Harry Truman’s, but didn’t hold a single hearing into war profiteering in Iraq. Norm dodged his responsibility — and now he’s desperate to dodge blame.

The Great Schlep

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Obama Kicks McCain’s Ass in Debate!

This is Obama after the debate: And this is McCain: But don’t worry, Jonny, you can still get your hug….

Palin/McCain have gone too far

They are now inciting threats of terroristic acts. I want them locked up in Gitmo now. I am not fucking joking. We are starting to hear people yelling “Terrorist, Kill Him” or just “Kill Him” at rallies. Few good examples have been trapped on tape yet, but there are at least two different ones, one…

Liveblogging Nobel

Ah, that’s better. I’ve got a nice fresh “new entry” screen here, and it is much more comfortable than that old “This photo needs a caption” post. Like a nice bed with clean sheets and a cold pillow. Anyway, yes, we are at lunch break. It took me two hours to drive down here owing…

This photograph needs a caption

Wait, wait, I still can’t write a post on the Scienceblogs web site from inside this strange Gustavus Adolphus network. But I CAN ‘edit’ an existing post….. I saw Curtis Marean’s talk this morning, and I have a few comments on it . But though the talk was pretty well done, so far my comments…

The Science Museum of Minnesota recently developed an exhibit called “Race: Are we so different?” This exhibit is now at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and will be in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New Orleans, Kalamazoo, Boston and Washington DC between now and June 2011. If you get a chance, go see…

New Political Carnival

The Replace Michele Bachmann Carnival #2 is up at Tangled Up in Blue Guy.