Archives for October 8, 2008

A little wine with your Linux?

It is well known that the Space Industry fuels innovation in the wrist watch industry, Porn industry funds and fuels the internet, and the Gaming industry drives all important hardware and software innovations. So let’s look at one of these relationships more closely:

The back end — where the blogging happens — has become so difficult to use … and perhaps slightly dangerous … that blogging has become an unpleasant and unproductive activity for me. I know they are working on it, and at any moment this may be fixed, but for the now I have to…

Political ad ….

… break. Minnesota has the hottest Senate race in the US (more money is being spent on this race than any other). In the Greater Twin Cities are one or two of the hottest congressional races. Then there’s the presidential campaign. And this business about how unions vote. And all the special interest ads (more…

This photograph needs a caption