Karl Bremer at the Minnesota Independent has obtained a copy of the Michele Bachmann Vennes Pardon Letter. Hat tip to Eve for alterting me to this.

In the letter to Pardon Attorney Roger Adams, Bachmann makes clear that Ex-Con Frank Vennes (who had by this time insinuated himself into the regional religious community) should be pardoned because he was saved by Jesus and his goodness cannot be recognized by society and the law using the usual means.

“… pardons were intended to restore people … like Mr. Vennes … who have demonstrated true reformation and for whom mercy is due because the legal system cannot deliver a morally acceptable result…. Mr Vennes is good for society … truly a unique man… By the grace of God, this has been done. …

… why does Mr. Vennes need a pardon…? [he] still encouters the barriers of his past and especially in the area of finance loan documents. This hinders his ability to expand his business… A pardon would release the weights of the past that serve n purpose…. “

Vennes is known to have made substantial contributions to Bachmann’s campain, and probably funneled other money to her campaign as well.

Vennes is now in the middle of a major investigation involving Polaroid and Sun Country Airlines owner Thomas Petters, who seems to have stolen very large amounts of money from a collection of local pastors and churches, and carried out pyramid-like schemes. Petters was recently arraigned and is not being let out of prison. Vennes may be cooperating with authorities.

More on Pardongate here and here.


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    October 11, 2008

    On Saturday 18th, El Tinklenberg’s campaign is going to run a huge door knock in the 6th district. We can undo what the Republicans in the 6h District did 2 years ago and restore some pride to Minnesota’s Congressional delegation. More details at Tinklenberg08.com