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The Nature of the Racist Conversation

This is Melisa Riviere. White People sometimes do hip hop. I have a reading suggestion for you. First a little background. I’ve gotten into a few arguments on race and racism in my time, some on this blog. Racist thinking is all around us. Why just a few hours ago, a neighbor complained that his…


How to make a screencast

The R Strap (Photography geeks only)

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OMG, Your Head’s On Fire!!!!

Do not delay. Do not equivocate. Do not think twice. Just get to the theater and buy your tickets, find a seat, turn off your cell phone, and sit back and enjoy Bill Maher’s Religulous! In this film, Maher makes a handful of critically important points. Like, if our world is led by people who…

I know a man who is best friends with Huey Newton. I know a woman to who took a class from a professor who is suspected of building a bomb used to blow up (part of) a building in the 1960s. I am closely related to a person who shall remain nameless who was under…

This photograph needs a caption