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The Britney Spears Costume plus the Adult Pregnant Soccer Mom Costume = the Britney Spears Sister Costume.

Evolution vs. Creationism



  1. #1 Andrew
    October 17, 2008

    Where do I get me an FSM costume?!?

  2. #2 Joel
    October 17, 2008

    Southern Sheriff Pulls Over Obama Campaign Bus For Broken Taillight

    FOXWORTH, MS—Despite obeying the posted speed limit and having all inspection, registration, and insurance documentation up to date, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign bus was stopped for nearly four hours by Marion County deputy sheriff Dewey Clutter while en route to a Jackson, MS speech, sources reported Tuesday.

    According to those on board the bus—including various journalists, members of the Secret Service, and Obama campaign staffers—several minutes passed before Clutter exited his cruiser. Witness statements all mention hearing the sheriff’s jackbooted footsteps along the gravel roadside as he slowly approached the vehicle’s passenger side. These reports also assert that, prior to reaching the front of the campaign bus, the sheriff paused momentarily to smash the right rear taillight of the bus before dragging his still-drawn baton along the entire length of the vehicle.

    “Where’s the fire, son?” Clutter, 42, was overheard saying to the Illinois senator and 2008 Democratic presidential nominee. “Driving like that in these parts, what with a busted taillight and all, fella like you liable to get hisself into a whole mess a trouble.”

  3. #3 Jeff
    October 17, 2008

    Michele Bachmann was spewing her hatred on Hardball earlier tonight:

  4. #4 Kaya
    October 20, 2008

    These science Halloween costume ideas are really very creative. I impressed..

  5. #5 Halloween Costumes
    February 11, 2009

    Absolutely great collections.These are some good & helpful idea for us.I think it can best science Halloween costumes for people who looking to buy science costumes.

  6. #6 vijay jain
    October 16, 2009

    very heavy costumes!!

  7. #7 gaga music
    October 3, 2010

    How about some cigarette sunglasses and a no smoking outfit? That’s relevant.
    Just dance….

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    July 6, 2011

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