Palin on Barack Obama

Wow, I think she’s going to vote for the black guy! Good for her.


  1. #1 chris
    October 23, 2008


    Maybe she’s even given up. Although her total lack of self-awareness means she doesn’t realize it.

  2. #2 AnonymousCoward
    October 23, 2008

    Dole is running ads implying that Obama takes it.

  3. #3 Mad Hussein LOLscientist, FCD
    October 24, 2008

    Judging from the fact that we haven’t heard any reports of McCain being rushed to the hospital with a massive coronary, I have to suppose he hasn’t seen this clip.

  4. #4 The Ridger
    October 24, 2008

    Surely though she finished by saying that “that message of Obama’s” for change was really what she and McCain were all about.

  5. #5 sailor
    October 24, 2008

    That was Tina Fey right? She takes off Palin so well she has been sneaking around doing interviews, buying up fifth avenue and palling around with Joe 6-packs just so she has more she can use in here comedy routines.

  6. #6 Virgil Samms
    October 24, 2008

    Palin denies accepting $150,000 in designer clothes, saying accusations are ‘painful’

    “I think Hillary Clinton was held to a different standard in her primary race,” Palin said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune posted on the newspaper’s Web site Thursday night. “Do you remember the conversations that took place about her, say superficial things that they don’t talk about with men, her wardrobe and her hairstyles, all of that? That’s a bit of that double standard.”

    Can anyone recall Hillary being accused of either a) using campaign funds to buy wardrobe or b) running as a self-proclaimed redneck who feels at home with Carhartt’s and steel-toed boots while wearing outfits from Niemann-Marcus? Neither can I.

    Palin, … said the clothes were not worth $150,000…

    My but don’t we have our nose in the air!

    Most of the clothes have never left the campaign plane, she told the newspaper


    “That whole thing is just, bad!” she said. “Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are.”


  7. #7 Brian X
    October 24, 2008

    The thing that gets me is that she’s exactly right, but Palin has this tendency (an obvious one that the media tends to leave uncommented) to stray far, far off-message. Not having access to the full interview, I’m willing to be charitable and assuming that she was conceding a point to Obama to go off and make her own, but come on. Has she really shown that kind of ability in this campaign? If anything, if I was her I’d be seeing an orthopedist to see what kind of hip damage comes from sticking your foot in your mouth so much…