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When I was four, Billy, a neighborhood bully, did something bad to my best friend. I saw this as a serious affront, as did others. All the kids, and even the adults, were aghast. There was a veritable outcry, for he had stepped over a line over which no one should step. I do not…

What has Obama Ever Done?

You’ve got to admit, Obama hasn’t really done anything. Except a few things:

Alas, the Blog Carnival Web Site seems to be dead. There is a note that it is “temporarily unavailable” which has been up all day. So, I can’t point you to that resource for submission of the next Replace Michele Bachmann Web Carnival. But you can submit your posts directly to me and I’ll forward…

WTF? Sentences? Who needs ’em. I believe this was from earlier today.

A sense of social cuckoldry

This Photograph Needs a Caption

The lake is icy-green and in the distance almost blends into the sky through a fast moving fog bank. The bald eagles (a pair and one offspring) are up to something in the back, one of them making swings over the bay and then back into the yard where they are vocalizing quite a bit.…

Don’t be a meme

If you speak reasonably good German, don’t bother with this, it won’t be funny at all. Otherwise, laught it up at The Fuhrer’s expense: – Watch more free videos Hat Tip: Doug