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Bees can count to four

Previously, we thought they were sahing “bzzzzzz..zzzzz bzzzzzzzz” and stuff like that…. Researchers in Australia have discovered that honey bees have the ability to count — at least to the number four. A scientist from the University of Queensland put five markers inside a tunnel and placed nectar in one of them, Australian Broadcasting Corporation…

A couple of years ago, Amanda and I got new cell phones from a company with service up at the cabin. This was the only company with service in that area so we were stuck. Since then, Verizon, the company in question, has over charged us and otherwise screwed up our bills numerous times, their…

Plot To Kill 88 + Obama Foiled

UPDATE: GO HERE for more info and an interesting analysis. Including a discussion of “why 88?” and “why 14?” ] MySpace photo of Daniel Cowart of Bells, Tennessee, charged with plot to kill obama. Obviously, this sick fuck is a poster child for gun control. As reported by MSNBC: Law enforcement agents have broken up…

Stevens Guilty, Stays in Race

The longest-serving Republican in the US Senate has been found guilty of lying about gifts worth $250,000 he received from an oil company. Ted Stevens, 84, was charged with seven counts in connection with the gifts. Mr Stevens faces up to five years in prison on each count but, under federal guidelines, is unlikely to…

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Ashwin Madia

Barack Obama wants you to vote for Ashwin Madia. So do I. I’m Greg Laden, and I approve this blog post.

Replace Coleman with Franken

Replace Bachmann Web Carnival is OUT!!!

New Rule: From now on, Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds does all the carnivals. She did a BRILLIANT job with the latest Replace Michele Bachamann web carnival, the fourth(a.k.a. “fallout”) edition. This is not just a web carnival. It is a history lesson and a nice piece of political commentary. CLICK HERE FOR THE CARNIVAL