Is this when the wheels come off?

We (American Liberals/Democrats) all know that the wheels have to come off at some point. Yes, at some point the wheels of the seemingly unstoppable Obama Machine have to come flying off, the tide turns, and McCain/Palin are elected President and Vice President of the Freakin’ United States.


I’m assuming at the moment that this is going to happen tonight, during, as a result of, or perhaps just after the Obama Half Hour ad buy.

Perhaps this is when the October Surprised is planned for. The Obama ad by will be inturrupted by a news story orchistrated by the Republicans. Something about the war, or Osama bin Laden (getting captured or killed/) or whatever.

Or Obama will say something really dumb like “You know, I’ve got to tell you the truth. We’re going to have to raise taxes, invade Iran, and eliminate pee-wee hockey” or words to that effect. Then it’s all over.

Well, in case that happens, I just want you all to know it’s been a great ride, I’ve had fun, and once again, we almost managed to pull it off. But not quite….

Anyway, I’ll be watching the show, I hope you will too.