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My godless money. Take it or leave it.

Watch this news story. When you listen to the words of the CNN commentator, replace terms like “religious,” “Christian,” and “faith” with, oh let’s see, how about “African American,” Black” and if you like, the “n-word.” Or, if you don’t want to do this with race, you can do this with a religion. Replace “Christian”…

Virginia Postrel: The power of glamour

… Just like that (snapping my fingers as I say that). “Do you want to escape Satan’s grip? … It is time for the Lord Jesus Christ to set the captive free…” Pastor John says: I vote no on masturbation. … I walked by a whole section of “photography” books at the Walker Art Center…

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

The latest on live Pterosaur sightings in Papua New Guinea: A Creationist is upset with me! Summary of conservatives going for Obama. Extended essay on bioluminescence with pretty pictures: into the deep

Tinklenberg Vs. Bachmann Slapdown

Today, October 30th at 11:00 to 11:30 AM Central, on MPR with Gary Eichten. Details here. Thanks Jake for the tip on the LOL Michele Bachmann picture!