Republicans are BAD Democrats are GOOD

Hat Tip DMB!!!


  1. #1 Doubting Foo
    October 31, 2008

    Four legs good.
    Two legs bad.

  2. #2 Tophe
    October 31, 2008

    Republicans are BAD Democrats are GOOD

    Sounds too much like “Four legs good, two legs bad”.

  3. #3 Robert Estrada
    October 31, 2008

    Let us not forget to be welcoming to those who are philosophically distant from us on some issues but who are joining us due to the ethics of their party’s campaign.
    P.S. I get pissed too so this is a feeling not a rebuke.

  4. #4 Greg Laden
    November 1, 2008

    Robert: My feeling is that 99.99999999 percent of those Republicans who are voting for Obama should consider forming a new party.

    The .00000001 percent of Republicans who have come over to supporting long standing Democratic platform items, and his name is T. Boone Pickens, need to kiss Democratic Ass and beg and grovel for the rest of their lives for ruining everything for everybody.

  5. #5 Robert Estrada
    November 1, 2008

    Perhaps I am just feeling depressed and pessimistic. I should know better than to expect the racist slime to have died away, but I was still surprised by the vile things being said by the palinoid mindless masses. I have not heard the like since the civil rights campaign in the 50ís and 60ís. I feel at this point that any party, new or not, will eventually be co-opted by power hungry dogmatists. This time it is just the republitards trying to out do the dixicrats of the south in the first half of the last century. And then my home state has this crazy 8 of hate and discrimination. Glum

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