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The Obamamercial Live

Live blogging the Obama Infomercial …. so you don’t have to. (see this, this, this) Wheat …. Flags …. Fans in slow motion. Children and uncertainty. Ooops. He’s standing in a room thta looks a little too presidential, Kennedy eskqe. Looks good but a little OTT. Please, Barach, don’t be OTT. Not now. Rebecca. Rebecca…

Halloween Zombie Carnivals

zombie Encephalon 57 on Mind Hacks Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival #5 Welcome to the “Make It From Scratch” Carnival! All Things Eco Blog Carnival Volume Twenty Two Friday Ark #214 Praxis #3 The Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival: October 22nd edition. Carnival of Homeschooling: 148 – The Halloween Edition

Is this when the wheels come off?

We (American Liberals/Democrats) all know that the wheels have to come off at some point. Yes, at some point the wheels of the seemingly unstoppable Obama Machine have to come flying off, the tide turns, and McCain/Palin are elected President and Vice President of the Freakin’ United States. I’m assuming at the moment that this…

The Two McCains … and a bonus

Oh, what the heck, here’s some more:

This blog Anti-Endorses Deborah Hedlund for Minnesota Supreme Court. Deborah Hedlund, a candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court, received an anti-Muslim email from a campaign vendor, Matt Look, that said, “Can Muslims Be Good Americans?” the Pioneer Press reports. The email continued, “Perhaps we should be suspicious of all Muslims in this country. They obviously…

Carve The Vote!

What a great idea. Visit “Yes We Carve”

Seed Endorses Obama

Sen. Obama’s pledged stance on science resonates with us. He has vowed to restore integrity to the role of science advisor by reestablishing the senior status of the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and more broadly, by surrounding himself with individuals with exemplary scientific credentials; his selection of Dr. Harold Varmus as…

End the Gridlock

Six days, act now or never.

My close personal friend John Kerry just sent me this letter: Hey, Grego…. (that’s what he calls me), It is sickening. But not surprising. Today’s Republican Party is so depraved that they’re running ads in Florida trying to connect a Democratic candidate to 9/11 attacker Mohammed Atta. They’re in North Carolina attacking Democratic Senate candidate…