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The Last Recount

An enjoyable overview of the Coleman Franken Recount process all it attends to … “What do we want?” Franken shouts. “PATIENCE!” the volunteers respond. “When do we want it?” Franken asks. “NOW!” the crowd demands. Here Hat tip: Ana

A particular elephant

This particular elephant was one of the nicest elephants I’ve ever met. click for a larger picture I was leading a tour group in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The local guide suggested that we could take a walk along a particular trail, as long as vehicles stayed near by…

Linux hits the iPhone!

Linux has been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch. Details here. Hat tip: Joe. I gotta get working on this, obviously.


This photograph needs a caption

Rachel on Conan


If that headache plaguing you this morning led you first to a Web search and then to the conclusion that you must have a brain tumor, you may instead be suffering from cyberchondria. This is about a Microsoft publication (in the ‘journal’ Microsoft Research), here, and written up in the New York Times.

These days, many people say that race is largely a social construct; while it may have a place in describing the population genetics of some species, is not particularly applicable to humans. I’m one of those people. The race concept is generally inapplicable or at best misleading when used as it often is with our…

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Hat Tip James

Cyber Mionday

Do you know what Cyber Monday is? If not, find out here. But don’t wait ’till Tuesday.