Hey Norm! What about this?

Sen. Norm Coleman announced on Thursday that he was filing a lawsuit against his Democratic opponent Al Franken and the Franken campaign over what he deemed defamation of character.

…This is now the fourth time that the Minnesota Republican has filed a suit late in the course of his runs for office.

Aides to Coleman, speaking Thursday morning at a hastily organized press conference, seemed far more interested in generating political theatrics than they did in explaining a serious legal quibble.

… their complaint was directed at an advertisement that the Franken campaign aired that claimed Coleman was a stooge of oil interests. The spot was standard fare for politics. Indeed, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has done far worse, accusing Franken of writing pornography, laughing at the disabled, humiliating minorities and demeaning women. And even Coleman’s Communications Director Mark Drake acknowledged that the Franken spot was based on “half-truths” (so some of it was accurate?). …

… the Coleman campaign spent much of the press conference spouting off criticisms of the government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The non-partisan organization has labeled the Minnesota Senator one of the most corrupt members of the Senate for, among other things, receiving a highly discounted apartment from a major GOP donor and allegedly receiving free suits from another Republican hand.

“CREW is a liberal front group,” said Drake. “They do have a few Republicans but overwhelmingly, look at the record, since this was created this is a liberal front group… it is overwhelmingly biased against Republican candidates. The complaints they do against Democrats are window dressing.”
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In fact, the NRSC actually used CREW’s findings to go after Democrat Mary Landrieu in an ad this September.

The weirdest aspect of the Coleman gambit, however, was the political backdrop. On Wednesday, the Senator was cornered by a group of investigative reporters from the Minneapolis Star Tribune who were inquiring about a lawsuit, filed in Texas, that included an allegation that Nasser Kazeminy — a friend of Coleman’s and employer of his wife Laurie — funneled $75,000 to the Senator’s family through his business, Hayes Companies.
On Thursday morning, before the presser, that lawsuit had been withdrawn as part of a settlement. And aides to the Senator did their best to sweep any suggestion of impropriety under the rug.

“Yesterday there was a totally baseless charge made by reporters,” said campaign manager Cullen Sheehan. “The lawsuit was withdrawn… I don’t know any details about any settlement. I just know there was a lawsuit filed and it was withdrawn.”

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  1. #1 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    November 1, 2008

    The fact that this shsdy character is even close to Al Franken when he has been caught so many times is more of a testament to the power of incumbency than any enthusiasm Minnesotans have for him. If Minnesota Republicans liked Coleman then Dean Barkley would be siphoning off of Franken far more than he is from Coleman.

    It amazes me that people fall for such a phony wind-twisting politician as long as he declares he is “pro-life.”