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Kapow! ZLOTT!!!! Pow! That is what is going on in the Franken vs. Coleman race with some interesting recent developments that congealed in a Public Radio debate, a new ad by Norm Coleman, and … wait for it … a new ad from Al Franken that should be out tomorrow some time. Some real shit…

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Equal time

As requested by Serena: What about Guam????

1960 liberalism

… didn’t happen to include any black people. That was later. Look: hat tip Miss Cellania

Simple, no matter how dumb your screw up is, just throw a flag over your head and go down on the statue of liberty. You’ll be fine.

The Battle for Bachmann’s Seat

… is all about the terrain. One might assume that Michele Bachmann’s idiotic public statements on Hardball would be enough to put her down, metaphorically. It certainly was enough for the RNCCC to pull funding, for the DNCCC to toss in a million on behalf of El Tinklenberg, Bachmann’s opponent, and for a couple of…

Hey Norm! What about this?

Brand New Polls Just In

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll an ABC poll, a CBS poll, and another poll being reported in USA Today tomorrow morning, according to an editor with the paper speaking seconds ago on Hadrball, show two important things: 1) An Obama lead of 11 to 13 points, and 2) A trend spreading this difference. I don’t believe…

This is a recap of my earlier post of what to watch for in the US Senate Races. We are hoping for a 60 seat Democratic Party presence in the Senate in order to have a filibuster proof majority. Without this, any Republican with a grudge, a bad attitude, a hatred of liberal or progressive…

Why should you vote for Al Franken? Ask Mike: Why Did I Vote for Al Franken?. And see Almost Diamonds to find out why Stephanie is Voting for Al.