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But this time I was not too far off. This graphic shows my electoral map (on the right, which to you is down until you tilt your computer monitor 90 degrees to the left) and the actual map (on the left, or top).

Will Norm Coleman Steal the Election?

Earlier today, three voters of Somali origin at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis told me — and two told an election observer — that a translator working there was instructing people to vote for Sen. Norm Coleman. Wow. Given that Coleman may win this race by around 500 to 700 votes, this is significant.…

World Leaders are Happy

And if THEY’RE happy, I’m happy. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown called Tuesday’s poll historic and said he and Mr Obama “share many values”. Chinese President Hu Jintao said he looked forward to strengthening dialogue. France’s Nicolas Sarkozy said the poll had raised “enormous hope”. … UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was looking…

Michael Crichton has died

… at the untimely age of 66, of cancer. There is a story here.

I urge you to vote for Ann Coulter

Rahm Emanuel may be Obama’s COS

Rumors are quickly circulating and even congealed in the Wikipeda bio for Emanuel … He is likely to be Obama’s chief of staff, or at least, is being offered.

Hockey Mama for Obama

One last dig at Sarah Palin. I love the piano playing moose. No more digs after this, I promise. HT: JoAnn

A Handful of Reactions

Obama’s full speech: This is the scene in front of the White House: Yes, we did: A little music/cartoon parody: McCain Concession Speech: Note the behavior of the crowd.

Will Obama visit Obama?

No one is happier about the election of Barack Obama than the people of one small town in Japan! …the citizens of Obama, Japan, were ecstatic. Dozens of supporters swarmed the stage and joined hands, jumping up and down as they chanted “Obama! Obama! Obama!” A delegation has been dispatched to Obama, Japan to explain…

The Morning After

Good Morning America! Well, after I went to bed last night, the Minnesota Senate Race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman tightened up. The Associated Press is reporting, I hear, that Coleman has won. They are wrong. The difference between the two candidates is now (at 6:30 AM) just over 1,000 votes. Here in Minnesota,…