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Mama Africa has died. Story at Effect Measure

Almost Diamonds is a blog written by a pseudonymous blogger. And I’ve decided to OUT HER. Her name is Stephanie!!!.. Oh,wait. She’s already outed herself. Holy crap, Stephanie, I didn’t know you were …. GASP!!!! (If you’re like, Stephanie’s mother or somebody, DON”T READ THIS!!!)

Best Joke On The Internet Today is at Miss Cellania.

Tangled up in Blue Guy keeps trying to tell me to not be a dick. But I’m not sure if I can do that. Although I agree he as Wesley Crusher have a point.

Did you ever wonder Why male circumcision and female genital mutilation are not morally equivalent?

Larry Moran carries out an attack on Straw Men!!! Run away, Straw Men, Run Away!!! (But seriously, go read this post, it is interesting.

Are we seeing a lot of post election racist backlash, or only a modest amount? I don’t think we know yet. Field Negro has a report of interest.

Bore me to tears has a new location. here.


  1. #1 Stephanie Z
    November 12, 2008

    You are very silly. This is not a complaint.

  2. #2 the real MkKKain
    November 12, 2008


    I don’t know if this qualifies as racist backlash or not, b/c the standard that the left assumes for racist behavior only includes whites as perpetrators, but: last night on the bus, as I sat down, I listened to (yet another) black gangsta idiot yapping at a white college kid for an “excuse me” and an apology for bumping him as the college kid, backpack heavy and tired from studies got on the bus. Never mind that the black idiot received his apoliogy–twice after threatening violence–but that he was taking up two seats, and sprawling his legs into the aisle.

    Now, of course, it could have ended there, with that white kid (pleading) apologizing until he got off the bus, but gee whizz, I had heard enough. So I said to the overly apologetic-soon-to-be-possibly-assaulted “white” kid
    “sometimes, Minnesota nice is a good thing. Sometimes it is useless.”

    Well, that got the “black” folks all riled up. For the next half hour, as I wwas driven toward the state capitol, where I was exploring some government energy committee stuff, I was threatened not less than fifteen times, called a white mother fucker, a whiteboy, a cracka, and *sigh* a McCain supporter not less than seventeen times by various “black” people.I was surrounded at one point by five young “black” people and informed about how a “beat down” works for “motherfuckinwhitefolkswhocan’tkeeptheymouthshut”.

    Worst of all, when I was asked who I voted for-Obama, of course– I was harangued with what “black” preople were going to do to “white” people, with Obama’s permission, apparently.Every violent reference to what they were going to do to me–for reminding a young man that he is not alone, and that MN Nice does carry a message of virtue–was peppered with a “can I get an Obama,y’all”,
    “black church” sort of hooray.

    Then, I was dressed down about my “white clothes with them work boots and tight jeans…” and questioned for five minutes about the sigbnificance of wearing “Jordans”. Not to mention I wa streated to every kind of rap music reference to how “white blew” and how the landlord died.

    Then, worst of all, I was asked “what’s so damn important in that newspaper” I was reading. I mentioned that violebnt crime is down on campus, that the editorial page allows for peoples views to be expressed, etc., and was informed that “the only thing important is that Obama won, and that cracka’s better look out” after that.

    Well, that got me to the point where I picked up my cell phone and dialed a Chinese friend, and spoke in Mandarin to ward off those demons of malformed American race paradigms–which caused the crew who was verbally assaulting me to shut the f!ck up, and declare, as they jumped back, that “snitches get stitches” and other statements of that sort of every day “black” people directed at “white” people American violence.

    The funny thing was, that my friend–from China, where the C. Party uses the American academic polarities of strict black and white constructs to describe our nations policies en toto–and I had been engaged in a discussion about how wonderful it is to be able to access the state capitol as a tool of social change, as opposed to China.

    I dunno. It looks like the academics have re-created black face, but in white KKKlan acting black folks whose behavior is always excused in the paradigm as a reaction formation, rather than as bad behavior.

  3. #3 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    November 12, 2008

    I don’t think even blacks deny that blacks can be racist, MkKKain. Things don’t change overnight just because we have a black president.

  4. #4 the real MkKKain
    November 12, 2008

    Yeah, Mike, you might be right. I think I will wait around a little longer to see how long it takes before academics and pc pandering radio hosts decide to start talking about black-directed-at-white-because-they’re-“white” violence.Maybe, um, 300 payback years will be sufficient.

    Then again,I am still waiting for the interest to accrue in my Lehman Bros portfolio, so that I can withdraw it and take that .357 magnum black-directed bullet out of my “white-motherfucker” leg.

  5. #5 A Free Man
    November 12, 2008

    Hi Greg,

    Mendel’s Garden, the genetics blog carnival, is seeking the best genetics posts in the blogosphere. I’m hosting the December edition and am looking for submissions. If you’d be interested in having a post featured, please e-mail me your latest, greatest to chris (at) afreeman (dot) org.

    Best wishes,