Blorg Muffining

What difference is there, really, between a roll, a muffin, and a croissant?

So what do we have in the blogosphere today, looking near the top of my blorg muffin…

You need to promise you are over 18 and an adult to visit A Blog from Hell, but if you get past the security, you can learn about Yet more evidence that right wing punditry causes brain damage.

More on Armistice Day

LRA: The Genocide We Missed

A quick summary of A few hurricane records, considered

I turns out that Barack Obama Is Not The Antichrist

New Homo erectus Pelvis
, and it’s a girl!

Some Archaeology News:
Iron Age Burial Jars from Tyre

War and archaeology: How warfare shaped human evolution

Finally, follow the links to find 730 newspaper front pages from 66 countries from the day after the US election.


  1. #1 Brian Knoblock
    November 14, 2008

    Thanks for the link to the Obama front pages, Dr. Laden. I’m going to get the one from the Home News Tribune in New Brunswick, NJ framed as it used to be my hometown paper in Monroe Twp., NJ. I miss living in a blue state.

    The Guardian from the UK has a unique one with Obama holding up his ballot receipt.