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I read the news today. I had to laugh.

Even though I know this isn’t really funny at all. In fact, it is quite tragic.

Eberswalde Crater is an approximately 65-kilometer diameter, closed basin crater. It contains a delta, which indicates that flowing water was present for an extended period of time in the past. Parts of the crater have inverted channels that have higher relief because a more resistant material was deposited in the channel and therefore it was…

New Theory of Dinosaur Extinction

Hat Tip: Glen

Nkunda backs DR Congo peace

DR Congo rebel leader Laurent Nkunda has told UN peace envoy Olusegun Obasanjo he will support a peace process with the government. Gen Nkunda also said he would respect a ceasefire if the Congolese government did. Mr Obasanjo said it would take effort from both sides to keep a truce. We’ll see. BBC

Athabasca Valles Distributary Channels

This observation shows small, branching channels that are part of the larger Athabasca Valles channel system. These side channels are “distributaries” because they bifurcate from the main channel, which is located to the northwest of this image. The distributaries flowed from north to south when they were active. more

Two More Carnivals

Praxis #4 is up at The Lay Scientist; and … … Oekologie returns! at The Infinite Sphere

That’s how fast it is! In yet another installment of: “Oh, I can’t believe people use USB when Apple’s Firewire is so superior” …. ti ti ti ti ti* … “Apple no longer supports firewire, you will now all use USB” … USB 3.0 will be released Monday. USB 3.0 will transfer 25 GB in…