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David Quammen

UN agrees to Congo troop increase

The United Nations Security Council has voted to send 3,000 more troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo following renewed fighting in the country’s east. The increase means the peacekeeping mission, Monuc, will have about 20,000 troops and police on the ground – the biggest UN force of its kind. bbc

A Linux Laptop The Size of your Ear.

IMOVIO launched today a smaller alternative to a subnotebook — much smaller. The new iKIT is about the size of a PDA from ten years ago, but has a QWERTY keyboard and connects to the Internet at 3G speeds via your cell phone or Wi-Fi. The $175 Linux-based system has a Webcam built in, as…

Little Sarah

This is a story some of you know, and the rest of you should. Saartjie (Little Sarah) was a woman variously claimed to have been San, Bushman, or Grikwa (and one can in fact be all three easily) … but anyway, South African … and and with a number of physical features typical for the…

Robert Richards

In an act of utter cynicism, continuing with the right wing mandate that has propped up the Bush Regime for the last eight years, the Winged Monkeys of the Bush Inferior Department of the Interior plans to eliminate restrictions on federal agencies carrying out projects that negatively impact endangered species. Animals and plants in danger…

A Poll For You: Palin vs. Obama here Click on “straw poll” in the sidebar.

Recount: Franken Moves Closer

I have signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding information that I personally obtain during the recount process, but I can certainly report on the publicly available data. The difference between Coleman and Franken at the start of the recount was about 250 votes. Two things are happening during the recount. First, we are re-counting the ballots.…

Bachmann Reality Sidestep

Last night I had only minute to address this issue, so I simply posted the video with no comment. (Except maybe a little snark). Now, I’d like to take a moment to describe this in more detail. This is on Fox News: Alan Colmes askes Michele Bachmann about her comment on Countdown prior to the…

Michele Bachmann: Ignorant Creep

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