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First, the recipes. Most of these are mine, but not all. Making Stock How To Make Gravy Savory Squash Ravioli and Ravioli Update A good way to cook a turkey Grandma’s Cranberry Relish The Best and the Hottest This video will make you hungry and possibly nostalgic A little theory: Plants can help you. They…

With 80.6 percent of the vote recounted, the known difference between Coleman and Franken has for the first time grown greater than the audited and adjusted original count differenct of 215. The difference is now, by my rekoning, a whopping 238. This, by Norm Coleman’s standards, is a virtual landslide!!! But that number is fairly…

The California Fair Political Practices Commission said it wants to determine if the Church accurately described its role in the battle over Proposition 8. The Commission’s executive director, Roman Porter, said the investigation follows a complaint by Californians Against Hate which accuses the Mormon Church of failing to report the value of work it did…

Bad Talking Ads!!!!

Have you seen the latest iPod ad, on this site, that tells you you’ve won an iPhone? Got a problem with ads speak when not spoken to? Click HERE to complain! The Blog Herders are aware and presumably doing something about it, but a nice public outcry is always helpful.

Gods Ways are not Our Ways

Which means, ulimately, that you are going to hell no matter what you do. But in the mean time, have fun with this, totally stolen from PZ and the Science Pundit

When Gay Sheiks Go Bad

The Sheik “did not have sufficient education to understand he cannot whip other people like a dog” argued the lawyer of Sheik Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, accused of belt-whipping an American from Rochester, NY York who refused the sexual advances of the brother of the head of the United Arab Emirates. In…

Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems

Congo Rights Abuses

All sides in eastern DR Congo have committed serious human rights abuses, the UN secretary general has said. Ban Ki-moon said both government forces and rebels loyal to Gen Laurent Nkunda had carried out arbitrary executions, mass killings, rape and torture. The report covers July to November, when the most recent fighting flared. In a…

Bush’s Latest Pardons

The new round of White House pardons are Bush’s first since March and come less than two months before he will end his presidency. The crimes committed by those on the list also include offenses involving hazardous waste, food stamps, and the theft of government property. The whole list is here.

Michele Bachmann as The Antichrist

And a bonus (also from Heads Up)