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With Firefox undergoing the usual late-life evolution towards uselessness (…it was great while it lasted, Firefox, but you’ve become Windozed…) it is time to start paying attention to other browsers. So here’s two very very interesting bits of browser news.

Lunascape is a new browser that is Java based but remarkably has not been developed to work on Linux. Therefore it sucks and you won’t be hearing much about it from me. But it does have an idea that is worth stealing for Linux-based browsers. It has three different rendering engines in it, so it can handle a wider range of sites properly.

Google Chrome, which does kinda run on Linux (that project is developing) has recently been tested and it apparently does well in the speed department.


  1. #1 JanieBelle
    November 26, 2008

    Sorta OT:

    Gud linux-based podkast client – i haz needz 1.

  2. #2 Dan J
    November 26, 2008

    Why on earth would you develop a web browser in Java, and then make it OS-prejudiced? My favorite text editor, jEdit, is Java-based, and I happily use it on my Linux machines, or the Windoze machine I am forced to use when away from my home network. Multi-platform is one of the best things about Java, right?

    I’m still a big fan of Opera as a web browser. I create fine hand-crafted HTML, so I use several browsers, but Firefox and Opera are my favorites. I agree though, that Firefox has been heading down the road of trying to be everything to everyone, which (of course) leads to being nothing for anyone.

    As far as Podcast clients, I do not speak from personal experience with its podcast abilities, but my primary music player, Rhythmbox, supports podcasts, as well as internet radio and any number of music file formats I throw at it.

  3. #3 Bjorn Watland
    November 26, 2008

    You could use Juice:

    Download the Atheists Talk podcast on it!

  4. #4 Kent Sharkey
    November 26, 2008

    Firefox is Windozed? Works pretty well for me on Linux, OS X (or Windows). Just a few extensions don’t come along.

    However, pointing at

    1) a browser that contains two Windows-y renderers, and
    2) a browser that is only really is only compiled for Windows

    hardly seems like an alternative.

  5. #5 Greg Laden
    November 26, 2008

    Chrome is compiled for Linux and actually works quite well, considering it’s not very far along.

    I suspect you are using Firefox 2.0. There is nothing especially unusual about my systems, and I’m using three different computers. Firefox 2.0 is great. Firevox 3.0 can’t handle it. I suspect this depends a lot on specific configuration, or what a particular user needs the browser to do.

  6. #6 Aerik
    November 27, 2008

    Wait, Firefox is becoming useless but your alternative browsers don’t work on Linux n shit? You’re having a total douchebag relapse thar.

    I use Firefox on Windows and it’s still consistently as fast as Opera for me, and with NoScript and AdBlock is obviously the safest by a ridiculously huge margin… How is is useless? Is it just that you’re retarded when it comes to customizing your browser?

  7. #7 C. Chu
    November 27, 2008

    Just like I didn’t see how Lenovo is screwing Linux users, I’m not seeing how FF3 is getting windozed. I’m running that fine too.


  8. #8 Dunc
    November 27, 2008

    Yeah, what’s the problem with FF3?

    Call me paranoid, but there’s no way in hell I’m running a web browser produced by an ad broker with ambitions to index and data-mine all human knowledge.

  9. #9 Citizen Z
    November 27, 2008

    Lunascape seems like a total waste. You can already get 2 of the 3 rendering engines in browsers on Windows, OS X, and Linux, and the one that’s only available on Windows is the worst of the bunch. Who is this for? Why would I download a buggy alpha build of a browser that’ll only do the same thing, but worse, than other browsers that I can easily and freely install instead? Is there some huge Desktop-shortcut hating market out there?

  10. #10 j
    November 30, 2008

    Noooooooo! Run away from Google Chrome!