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Gay-Curing British Cop Sacked

I’m not sure if it is more or less comforting to know that these yahoos are not strictly American: A British police officer who sent emails to other officers condemning homosexuality and calling for gays to seek the help of a controversial American Christian group that claims to “cure” gays has been fired for misconduct.…

Enemies of Reason Episode 2

Enemies of Reason Episode 1

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Coleman’s New Strategy

The word on the street is that Colleman recount watchers have shifted strategy in order to increase an apparent lead over Al Franken. It seems that many of the Coleman people are challenging perfectly good Al Franken ballots in order to make the miniscule Coleman lead appear to grow, possibly allowing Coleman to have Yet…

A word of advice: TAKE THE TURKEY OUT OF THE FREEZER NOW! Here is a Thanksgiving Joke for you.