Coleman’s New Strategy

The word on the street is that Colleman recount watchers have shifted strategy in order to increase an apparent lead over Al Franken. It seems that many of the Coleman people are challenging perfectly good Al Franken ballots in order to make the miniscule Coleman lead appear to grow, possibly allowing Coleman to have Yet another Victory Press Conference.

According to Joe Bodell:

…a view from inside the recount operation shows just how the Coleman operation is working: not just challenging questionable ballots, but challenging ballots that are clearly Franken votes for the sake of challenging Franken votes, tamping down any possible gains Franken might make in the official tally.

Emerging accounts indicate that ballots with clear intent — an X instead of a filled-in circle, with no other confusing marks, for example — are being challenged by Coleman-affiliated observers. One account indicated that a Coleman observer challenged a clear Franken vote because apparently, “the dots were too big.” In another case, a Coleman volunteer challenged a ballot and was told by the attorney on hand that it was a clear Franken vote, but if they wanted to challenge it “tit-for-tat”, to go ahead.

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  1. #1 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    November 27, 2008

    I’m just figuring what they hope to gain from this strategery. More donations? The challenged ballots get reviewed, anyway, and if the Supremes and Ramseys don’t accept the challenged votes, Franken will still prevail in court on them, or at least on the Senate floor.

  2. #2 JanieBelle
    November 28, 2008

    Franken/Coleman news out of NC.

    Thought you’d be interested.

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