What a November

It is December 1st, so it must be time for the November Rehash. And what a November it was: Surely one to go down in history. But, never mind that. What I want to know is, what happend on my blog last month!

Well, November was my biggist month ever in terms of readership, even though it was my fifth biggest month in terms of how many posts I put up. Much of this is owed to two posts, both of which were captured in the stream of one or another “social networking” site: New Theory of Dinosaur Extinction, which is a pretty funny cartoon, was “Stubled On” and Space Tool Bag Visible from Earth! was picked up by some sort of site in Italy. So, now, if you look at the Google Anylitics map for Science Blogs as a whole, Italy shows up (for the last week) as the biggest European country reading Sb in general. I love internet glitches.

Most beloved science posts of the month:

When the corn weevil knocks, we are all doomed.

Mammoth DNA Sequence

The Scientific, Political, Social, and Pedagogical Context for the claim that “Race does not exist.”

The Political Gender Gap

And in the area of commentary:

My Friend Curly and the President Electhttp://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2008/11/curly_and_the_president_elect.php

Found On Road Dead: A rant about vehicular attitudes

“We need to stop trying to ‘save the planet’ and start worshiping the God that created it”

Other items of news related to the blog:

– I started, in November, a new practice of not publishing my blog roll. Instead, I systematically (sort of) go through the blog roll and do my best to make a link to items of interest and currency. This gives me the opportunity to delete blogs that have gone belly up and to highlight those blogs that are active at the moment. It looks like it is going to take me about a month to go through the blog roll. At which time, I’ll start all over…

– I noticed that we are getting very close to 20,000 comments. So of course, there will be an award (this is NOT a contest) given to the lucky commenter who get closest to the 20,000 mark whom I can identify via the email you use in posting the comment. I’ll tell you more about the nature of the award later.

– This month, I passed the 700 mark on Facebook. What? You are not my friend on Facebook? Why not? Try clicking here. Maybe that will work.

– A few months ago I shot the Seed Editors a little idea that I see they have now implemented. It is brilliant, of course, and I hope you check it out. Here.