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Bloog Rooling

What is wrong with this picture Learn the answer to this week’s video quiz, and visit La Alma de Fuego’s new blog home … Flip Flopping. Get your Robotic heads, Abe Lincoln, gun-toting monkeys and of course, zombies HERE. Should President Bush pardon Wal-Mart shoppers? Should he?

And this is how they try to show you who is boss: Hippo plays with kitty:

A new paper by Kevin Padian of UC Berkeley is just out in Comptes Rendus Biologies, a French peer reviewed journal, on American creationism. Padian summarizes the history of creationism in the US. From the abstract:

From Lifehacker: Windows/Mac/Linux: The long-awaited cross-platform media player Songbird officially reaches its 1.0 release today. The open-source application–built on the same platform as Firefox–promises to bring exciting new innovations to a software jukebox market that has become arguably quite stale. Like Firefox, Songbird is extensible, meaning that users can customize the look, feel, and features…

Second Life Science

Hmmmmm…. Hat tip Active Learning


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When will the 20,000th comment happen? According to this graph, early Thursday.

Square-lipped (White) Rhinoceros

Ceratotherium simum, or “White” Rhinoceros, a.k.a. Square-lipped Rhinoceros. Click the caption for a much larger image.

Rwandan Sentenced

One of Rwanda’s most famous singers, Simon Bikindi, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for inciting violence during the 1994 genocide. His conviction stems from a speech he made from a vehicle equipped with a public address system encouraging ethnic Hutus to kill Tutsis. bbc

Antidorcas marsupialis

Also known as the “Anti-Dork Antelope.” Not really. These are springbok. The springbok has four remarkable characteristics. It is among the most dramatically colored of the antelopes, with the starkest contrast between the dark lateral stripe and the light brown (above) and white (below) fur. It is the fastest of the antelopes, by far. Lions…